Video consultations MEYDOC®

MEYDOC® is a mobile telemedicine system for confident non-promotional video consultations in medical and nursing care. Medical examination, second opinion, expert opinion by adjustment of medication and/or life style, follow-up services after surgery etc. all of these medical services can be professionally accompanied by video consultations. The professional societies accept also telemedical services as a reasonable opportunity to improve the care process as well as to the access to the medical experts without any loos in quality.

MEYDOC Telemedizin

The video consultation MEYDOC® implies an interaction of several modules for the purpose of confident end-to-end connection and data exchange in real time. The deployment scenarios are multilayered and they will be developed constantly. Utilize your expert’s skills to establish absolute unique medical services for your patients with MEYDOC®.


Modules of MEYDOC®


MEYDOC® Master


MEYDOC® Client


Address server in Germany

MEYDOC® is dedicated for use in different pre- and/or post-hospital supply scenarios, which can benefit from professional audiovisual communication during the medical care process.