Palliative care

The medical care of palliative patients is associated with physical and psychological burdens as well as with an intensive care expenses especially for family members or ambulant care services. Normally patients prefer their own home environment and make use of the professional palliative or nursing services. In some medical fields, e.g. neurology, there is a growing demand of palliative care services. Especially the regions with not so established medical supply chains in palliative care need an adequate alternative solution.

The specialized palliative out-patient care teams (SPOPC-Team) use mobile telemedicine video consultations MEYDOC® for a quick connection with a high available medical expert. The confident audiovisual connection with a doctor can be established within a short time.

MEYDOC Telekonsil Tasche
MEYDOC Telekonsil SAPV

SPOC-Team at patient’s home

Meydoc schema
MEYDOC Telekonsil Expertenzentrum

Doctor from the center of expertise 1


MEYDOC Telekonsil Facharzt

Doctor from the center of expertise 2